Bart Vertelman

Project Manager Electric Mobility Amsterdam Electric

Bart Vertelman is Program Manager Electric Mobility at the City of Amsterdam. He and his team have been promoting the use of electric vehicles in the city, putting an effective public charging infrastructure in place and promoting the transition to electromobility.

The Amsterdam approach was once more confirmed in June 2016 at the World Electric Vehicle Symposium in Montreal, where the city council of Amsterdam received the E-visionary award for the second successive year.

Over the past few years Amsterdam has developed into a true Living Lab for research institutes, innovation businesses and start-ups in the field of electric transport. Now is the time to benefit from the knowledge found and push through revolutionary changes in the city’s transport and electricity system. Accordingly, Amsterdam has set ambitious targets in order to show that electric transport can be the norm, rather than the exception.

The unique and still emerging charging infrastructure will, together with the implementation of local renewable energy resources, provide the backbone for achieving an emission free transport system in Amsterdam in 2025. Focus is on the rapid increase of EVs and diffusion of local solar and wind power. This will have a significant impact on the energy system and asks for smart solutions in order to build future proof charging solutions.

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