Bram van de Leur

CTO at EV-Box

Bram van de Leur is an enthusiastic electric mobility expert. Bram founded EV-Box in 2010 after a roadtrip to be one of the very first Europeans to experience the Tesla Roadster.

From a very early stage Bram realized the importance of having a smart, fast and connected charging infrastructure and such vision was the foundation for EV-Box’s success and fast growth. He’s still active at EV-Box as the Chief Technology Officer.

A new era of EV Charging

One more thing…

EYE Film Institute

With the help of the host, EV-Box will take this slot to thank everyone that joined the event as well as present something exciting and new for the industry. It’s a special announcement to close what will definitely be a great e-mobility gathering! Related Posts:LTC: Iconic London Cab Goes ElectricThe Mobility House: Good. Better. Batteries!HomepageSpeakersFAQManifesto